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Training Centre / Course: The Cad Centre Ltd - Cardiff

This is our The Cad Centre Ltd Training Centre, Training Services, Training Consultants and Training Courses page, we have listed the full address of The Cad Centre Ltd as well as phone numbers and web sites.

The Cad Centre Ltd is in Cardiff, The Cad Centre Ltd may offer various types of training including educational training, IT training courses, online training courses, access training courses and many more in Cardiff.

If you have been in contact with this training center or used this training center for further your education them please remember to leave a review or comment.

Please remember that The Cad Centre Ltd may offer many different types of training courses such as IT Training courses, access training courses, microsoft training courses and online training courses. You can contact The Cad Centre Ltd using the information we provide below in order to find out what training courses are on offer.

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Training Centre Name

The Cad Centre Ltd

Training Centre Address

St. Davids House
Wood Street
CF10 1ES

Phone: 029 20666161
Fax: 029 20340765

No E-Mail Address

No Website
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The Cad Centre Ltd Reviews

* adam

i attended the cad center in cardiff overall the place was ok but it did drag on longer than it should have ,and we networked together some pcs to play age of empires to pass the time , also they started to get younger guys in who werent intrested and got disruptive . i did walk away with a load of extra qualifications though keyskills in maths ect . but i feel i didnt learn as much about computer repair as i could have though . but they pay you to go there which is good...

May 26, 2009
* Jade

Ive been at the Cadcentre in Cardiff for 5 months now Ive not learnt verry much at all. My course is i.t admin lvl 1 nvq and I find that when im there, they have not a lot of work to give me, and to keep my buisy, they give me a cd on how to act at an interview, which does not participate to my nvq in any way. Being there, I am practicly wasting time In a way. Because I did all my work in the first 2 months, and at a steady pace. When it came to work placement time, they would organize a place for me for the next week and then tell me it had been porsponed or cancelled this happened 4 times All my friends who joind the same week had finished their 4 week placement and i hadent even started it. Theve also let me down on other things like money issues, taking off 15 for saying i didnt phone in when i was sick one day, when i sure did and five pounds here and there for making a slight mistake on the 'sighn in ' sighn out' register, pointless mistakes. This place has let me down in so many ways and I actualy took an issue to the boss there because i felt like she was bullying me, and making me feel uncomftable she told me she's allowed to be horrible to people because shes the boss. Well.. yes this place is joyfull the boss too =D I recomend this place to everyone! It gives you great depression guys! =D...

Mar 24, 2009
* Gareth John

The CAD Centre is a really enjoyable experiance ive been here a month so far and when i started i knew nothing of how to take a computer apart and what is inside of it, but now i am starting to learn loads which ive wanted to learn in ages. I feel like i'm going to achive something from this place, and cant wait to pass the course and get out there in the world of work. you should come and check it out....

Dec 2, 2008
* Medwellz

I am currently doing an I.T Practitioners course in the CAD Centre at Swansea. I have been studying for 3 months now and I am really enjoying it here. The staff are very nice and i have learnt many new things....

Dec 2, 2008
* cyril

at the moment im studying in the CAD centre in swansea, i really like the people there its a great laugh and im always having to do some work which is a good thing and looking forward to getting a NVQ at the end of the course....

Dec 2, 2008
* Anon

Hello i have been in the Cadcentre for 2 months now. At first everything was great but over the last month i have found it really uncomfortable traing there. Most of the time i have nothing to do which makes it very boring. I am doing an IT Practioner course and there is never any computers available to fix. Most of the time i have to ask to do work it does'nt get provided very often. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone....

Oct 7, 2008

The Cad Centre Ltd Map:
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