Monthly Archives: January 2012

University tuition fees

With the increase in fees that students (both young and mature) going up it was always going to have an impact on people wanting to study.

Figures out have shown a drop in applications which of course is no surprise to anyone but many of the people not applying is from mature students.

Many mature students will still have a job and will want to learn part time either through a University or the OU.  However now the fees have gone up this might not be a options as the extra financial pressure will not be welcomed by most.

Although learning can be done freely online you will of course not have a certificate to say you know the subject well enough but it still does not stop you from learning.

Many of the mature students may now consider a part time OU course but only if they are in no rush as a degree will take many years but on the other side the cost is spread out and can become more affordable for most people.

Ofsted to scrap satisfactory rating for schools

Ofsted have said they are planning to scrp the satisfactory ratings for school.  They believe that too many schools are coasting along at this level rather than trying to improve the rating that Ofsted give them.

If this move goes ahead it will mean that all the satisfactory schools will have to improve the rating or face dropping down a level.  The drop will of course put many parents off sending their children to the school meaning lower number for the school in question.

On the other side it will mean that hopefully many of the schools will try to improve their current score while will mean a bit of a shake up.

At the moment many school who are within the satisfactory rating have already started to complain saying it will put added pressure on them to improve but of course this is the point.  Ofsted have had enough of schools spending years at this level and would like to see improvements to all school in order to give children a better education.