Top head says money spent by schools on ‘fad’ iPads could have funded 8,000 teachers

Schools should stop wasting money buying iPads and other “shiny gadgets” for pupils and instead hire more teachers, the leader of Britain’s largest headteachers’ organisation says today.

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Loophole in new food rules could see up to 4,000 schools still serving turkey twizzlers

More than a million children in up to 4,000 schools could still be guzzling turkey twizzlers and sugary drinks at lunchtime despite tough new nutritional standards for meals which came into force this term.

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Plan to take lettuce to Mars could put life on red planet by 2018

Lettuce could be the first life to land on Mars if a team of students succeeds in their plan to grow salad on the planet in 2018.

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University system geared towards foreign students could undermine our economy, says warns vice-chancellor

Universities are being forced to teach overseas students who return home with skills that help build their countries to compete against us, a leading vice-chancellor warns on Monday.

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Exclusive: Disadvantaged children could miss out on underfunded free school meals programme

Concern that disadvantaged children will miss out on free school meals despite making them available to all four- to seven-year-olds is voiced today by a leading anti-poverty campaigner and Labour MP.

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Oxbridge could charge £16,000 in tuition fees under new Government plans

Oxford and Cambridge universities could charge tuition fees of up to £16,000 a year in return for taking on student loan debts under plans being considered for the Conservative Party manifesto, according to the former higher education minister.

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School children on ‘pupil premium’ could get priority admission to schools under new plans

Schools could be allowed to give top priority to disadvantaged pupils in the battle for places, under new proposals being drawn up by the Government.

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VIDEO: Could free meals mean less funding?

Head teachers are concerned that free meals for all infant school children could lead to a reduction in other government funding for poorer children.
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People without CRB checks could work with kids at schools when teachers strike on Thursday

Sports coaches and scout leaders should be drafted in to keep schools open during next week’s national strike by teachers, new guidance said today.

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Exam reforms could mean worse-than-expected GCSE and A-level grades

Schools have been warned that their GCSE and A-levels could be worse than expected this summer because of reforms to the exam system.

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