Parents ‘should help kids to learn’

Parents should make time to plant seeds, look at the stars, make a tent, walk in a woodland or make a model with their children, head teachers suggest.
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VIDEO: ‘Cards stacked against working class kids’

Comedian Russell Kane says the ‘cards are stacked against working class kids’, as he looks at aspiration and social mobility.
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VIDEO: ‘I quit job to educate Egyptian kids’

The BBC hears from a woman who left her job to concentrate on improving children’s education in Egypt.
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Get outside and go wild, kids urged

Children are being urged to take back their ‘wild time’ by playing outside more to regain a connection with nature.
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The social minefield of kids’ party invites

The social minefield of kids’ party invitations
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Kids’ TV ‘should be on after seven’

The BBC should consider showing children’s TV programmes after 19:00, a report by the BBC Trust has said.
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Revealed: 50% of British parents would not send their kids to private school – even if they didn’t have to pay fees

Half the nation’s parents still would not send their children to a private school even if they did not have to pay for it, according to a survey published today.


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Half of kids ‘need more exercise’

Half of all UK seven-year-olds do not get enough exercise and girls are far less active than boys, a study of thousands of children suggests.
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Kids may face summer ‘home alone’

A charity is warning that the rising cost of holiday childcare could lead to more children being left “home alone” this summer.
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Kids in the kitchen

How cooking can inspire healthy eating
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