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    VIDEO: Labour’s plans for ‘super teachers’

    Labour plans to place “super teachers” in ever British school in order to improve education standards, Tristram Hunt has said.
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    VIDEO: What is Labour’s plan for English schools?

    Labour is still drawing up plans on how to take on Michael Gove’s plans over school policies in England.
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    Labour’s Tristram Hunt takes on Michael Gove in the battle over the future of education

    The boy was from the Congo – he had witnessed the murder of his mother. Now he was in a foreign country, struggling to learn the language and form a bond with his foster parents. 


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    VIDEO: Labour’s university fees ‘cold feet’

    The introduction of £1,000 student fees under a Labour government caused protests and the costs of higher education have continued to rise under the coalition.
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    VIDEO: Twigg on Labour’s mistakes in office

    Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg says Labour made a mistake in not putting enough emphasis on the 50% of young people who do not plan to go to university.
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