Young teachers are leaving profession over lack of classroom support, says schools inspector

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young teachers are being lost to the profession through a lack of support in the classroom, chief schools inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw has said.

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Stephen Hawking fears talented academics with serious medical conditions may not receive the support he enjoyed due to lack of funding

Stephen Hawking fears that talented academics with serious medical conditions like his own would no longer receive the support they need to flourish due to a lack of funding.

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Main parties have ‘no answer to lack of social mobility in schools’

Two out of three state secondary schools do not send a single pupil to Oxford or Cambridge, it has emerged, as a leading headmaster claimed none of the three main political parties had serious policies for tackling the lack of social mobility in the UK.

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Bright pupils cheated by ‘lack of scholarship’ in schools

A lack of “scholarship” in secondary schools is ruining the prospects of the country’s most able pupils, the education standards watchdog has warned.

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Inspiring teachers say they lack the freedom to excel

Even the country’s most inspiring teachers are upset at the amount of central government interference in how they go about their jobs, a new study has revealed.

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Lack of foreign-language skills ‘threatens the UK economy’

The UK’s economy will suffer and young Britons will be unable to compete for jobs internationally unless the nation’s poor reputation in foreign tongues can be shifted, MPs warn as they launch a “manifesto for languages”.

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School leavers lack basic work skills, CBI warns

School leavers lack the skills needed to succeed at work, a survey of business leaders has warned.

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‘Lack of challenge bad for pupils’

Teachers who focus on making lessons accessible and relevant risk producing pupils who cannot think for themselves, a leading head teacher has said.
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Lack of scrutiny of academies to blame for Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ schools, new report says

Concern over the lack of accountability of the Government’s flagship academies is revealed today in a hard-hitting report from the influential Commons public accounts committee.

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Lack of ethnic minority headteachers is ‘scandalous’

Some of Britain’s best headteachers will temporarily hand over control of their schools this summer in an effort to tackle the “scandalously low” number of non-white headteachers in the UK.

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