QS World University Rankings reveal the UK’s top subject areas at the best universities

As the US takes the lead in the world’s best universities list, Cambridge, Oxford, and UCL have been paving the way here in the UK, according to QS TopUniversities.

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Over one in five secondary school maths lessons taught by teacher without degree in the subject

More than one in five secondary school maths lessons is now taught by a teacher without a degree in the subject, official figures have revealed.

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Jonathan Goddard: Meet the man using rap to make Latin a hip new subject

Rapper Jonathan Goddard is using his skills to motivate his students in a classroom in a deprived area of London. The children, some as young as eight, are rapping, singing and gesturing in unison, but the language they’re using isn’t English. It’s Latin.

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Finland’s ‘teaching by topic’ instead of ‘teaching by subject’ policy actually started in Norway 40 years ago

It was billed as one of the most radical reforms ever undertaken by a nation state when Finland decided to move away from “teaching by subject” to “teaching by topic – phenomina-based learning, as it has been called.

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Exam subject range set to be cut back

Exam reforms in England will see tougher qualifications for some subjects – while others could be scrapped as GCSEs and A-levels.
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GCSE results: Schools end up teaching to the test rather than improving subject knowledge, warns headteachers’ leader

Schools are teaching to the test during GCSE years rather than concentrating on improving their pupils’ subject knowledge, a headteachers’ leader warned today.


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