Over one in five secondary school maths lessons taught by teacher without degree in the subject

More than one in five secondary school maths lessons is now taught by a teacher without a degree in the subject, official figures have revealed.

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The Beatles’ iconic Sgt Pepper album to be taught to GCSE music students

Everyone knows that Sgt Pepper taught the band to play; now, it seems, he will teach children to learn music as well.

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Parents ‘should be taught how to talk to their children’ by nursery staff

Nurseries and children’s centres should be giving parents lessons in how to talk to their children in a bid to close the gap in performance between rich and poor pupils.

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Five-year-olds to be taught vital computing skills like coding in schools

Parents will struggle to help five-year-olds with their homework now they are being taught computing skills for the first time, according to a survey published today.

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Children as young as five to be taught entrepreneurial skills – and how to make a profit

Primary school children as young as five will be taught how to be entrepreneurial, under radical new government plans being unveiled this week.

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Nearly 100,000 children being taught in classes of over 30

The number of primary school children being taught in oversized classes of more than 30 pupils has dramatically increased in the last year, new figures reveal.

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No buts, children should be taught to speak eloquently, says leading headteacher

Talking is just an important a skill to learn as reading and writing to combat the image of the “grunting, monosyllabic teenager”, a leading headteacher and former senior adviser to Tony Blair says today.

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Build a den, think of the future: Architecture ‘should be taught at primary school’, says new study

Future generations of young children should be taught about architecture at primary school, with lessons in den building to encourage an understanding of the world in which we live, a government-commissioned study has said.


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AUDIO: Leeds pupils taught to speak English

A comprehensive school in Leeds is to start teaching English as a foreign language to all its pupils.
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Simon Callow calls for more Shakespeare to be taught in schools

Shakespeare should be “at the core of the British education system,” according to acclaimed actor Simon Callow, saying the Bard’s work teaches “basic life lessons. Like empathy and how people function.”


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